On January 25th, 2018, the GTEC Frankfurt campus held an event on a very important topic: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). No matter if your daily business focuses on marketing, sales, HR or finances – your company will be dramatically affected by the new data protection laws. Everyone will have to make some big changes moving forward, and we had the opportunity to explore these impending changes alongside some of the most well-qualified experts in the field!

The event was opened by our Founding Managing Director, Benjamin Rohé, who introduced the complexity of the GDPR and the amazing lineup of speakers from all different types of organizations – from Oracle, Flying Binary and Chino.io. By combining speakers from corporates and startups, we wanted to showcase the challenges that come with the new regulation and how collaboration and exchange across industries and sectors can be inspiring, guiding and valuable.

First up was Dr. Jacqui Taylor, Co-Founder & CEO at FlyingBinary, UK Principal Expert at ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information Technology and author of several books on data. Her talk answered what the GDPR is and why it will be implemented. The audience learned many facts and figures about the new regulation and then had the chance to ask questions to Dr. Taylor.

Next, we were joined by Roberto Negro, the Solution Lead for Data Management at Oracle, who is the go-to representative for Oracle on Master Data Management and Data Governance. Roberto discussed the corporate support that is needed on a company’s journey to GDPR compliance. If you’d like to watch his talk, start the video below at 45 minutes in.

Finally, the closing speaker was the founder of one of our very own startups: Jovan Stevovic, CEO of chino.io discussed the implications surrounding the GDPR and why it should be viewed as a chance rather than a hindrance. Jovan’s startup is all about data compliance, so his main topic was focused on how a startup is built around data protection issues.

To conclude the event and share thoughts and opinions on the various aspects of the GDPR, a panel discussion was held with all speakers, where the conversation was steered by the question “Threat, solution, or absolutely needless? – The GDPR”. Although this topic can be controversial to people who don’t fully understand the GDPR and its requirements, it seems as though we can safely conclude that the GDPR is an opportunity to formalize and define the way we shape our future regarding data and compliance. Now that we have a better understanding of the GDPR thanks to such a great group of experts, we’re confident we can move forward and reach GDPR compliance before the May 25th deadline!

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