Event Venues in Berlin

We’ve compiled a list of the best event venues in Berlin so you don’t have to.


Before you check them out, here are your options:

1. Browse the list of event venues and choose your favorite. You can get in touch with them directly or reach out to us for some feedback on the place and a possibility to partner.

2. Inspired to host a meetup? Great! We might have some good speakers, panelists, or experts for you. Let us know more about your agenda and how you think we could help. Don’t forget that we host startup events for free in our two campuses in Berlin and Frankfurt!

We’re here for you: events@gtec.center


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We're on a mission to connect the tech community. Let's do it together.

We're not an event agency - but we do know our way around a good meetup. Since we're industry-sponsored, we're not making money out of these startup events but we love to share our network and expertise - so join in and spread the word.

We've been around the block

GTEC is Berlin’s largest source of meetups – over the past 2 years, we’ve hosted over 200 meetups all over Berlin while also running workshops for corporations and investors. We know where the hottest venues are at (and they’re all in our list!).

We're here to help

We know what a hassle it can be to find a place for an event, create a topic/agenda/panel, select the best speakers, and, finally, promote it. We can help with all of that – and we’ve started by creating this list. Absolutely free, no commissions.

We can make it happen

If you’re planning on hosting an event on entrepreneurship, startups, or tech, get in touch – let’s make it happen together. We have Berlin’s largest network of founders and experts in every field – just say the word at events@gtec.center.

Are you ready?

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